Kornati National Park

Kornati is also known as the Stormorski islands. It is located in the northern Dalmatian region, west of Sibenik, Croatia.

Kornati is not an island but 140 islands of varying sizes. The name Kornati is the plural of one of the islands in this archipelago which happens to be the largest.

Kornati can be divided geographically into two main parts; the upper kornati (Gornji kornati) which is closer to the mainland and the lower kornati (Donji kornati) which faces the Sea.

In 1980, 89 (out of the total of 140 islands) were declared a national park. These islands were the southernmost ones facing the sea in the Kornati archipelago. The park “Nacionalni Park Kornati” was declared to protect the islands and preserve the natural marine ecosystem. 

The islands in the Kornati archipelago are mostly rocky in nature; over 80% of the total land surface is rocky while a meager 5% has vegetal cover. 

The fortress of Tureta which is located on kornati is the most significant fortress on all the islands in Kornati. It is believed to have been erected as far back as the 8th century. It is assumed to have been built for military purposes for controlling and navigating activities around these parts.

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Give yourself a treat, experience nature at its best at Kornati. Have a close encounter with the Adriatic Sea, the wonderful views of the Levrnaka Island’s coasts, the ancient Roman ruins on Mana Island and much more.


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