Just a few minutes away from the heart of the old town, there’s a Banj beach. The view from the beach speaks for itself – relax and enjoy with your family and friends on this popular party beach watching some of the Šibenik’s hottest attractions, St. Jacob’s cathedral and St. Ante’s channel.

If you go around Šibenik and ask people what beach is ”must-to-visit” almost everyone’s answer will be the same – go to Jadrija! On the west side of St. Ante’s channel, a beautiful two long sunny beaches have settled down in Jadrija and became one of the favorite beaches in this area.

On the east side of the same channel, in Zablaće, starts one of the most popular touristic complex on the Adriatic – Solaris. With its Sand, Club, Spa, Family and Camping beach, Solaris has been awarded multiple times for innovation, as it offers everything that a human being could need or want while on vacation.

Solaris beach near Sibenik

Source: Arie Koene

Perfectly clear blue sea? Nobody but you on the beach? On Guberina beach these two criteria are almost 100% guaranteed. Not even your car will make the company to you, as it has to stay on 5 minutes uphill walking distance from you. But, oh, don’t worry, it will be so worth it!

Vodice is a place you have probably already heard of – popular for its nightlife and tourist attractions, this place is almost entirely stretched along the coast. Hotel Imperial beach is here to make every kid on this Earth happy. Hangar-Olympia beach, known for always the lively youthful atmosphere, will put a stamp on your vacation offering you an unforgettable party in beach bars Hookah, Makina and Baloo.

Finally, for adrenaline and water sports lovers, there’s a pebble Rezalište beach waiting to give you the adrenaline you’ve been craving for!

Beach near Sibenik - Taxi boat Sibenik

Hidden beaches on Zlarin island

Zlarin island, even further from crowd and noise than Prvić, has decorated its shore with a dozen of pebble beaches, to whom it owns its popularity. Just one step into the sea and you’ll feel it – that sandy feeling you’ve been craving to experience. Zlarin has prepared its whole left coast just for your pleasure! For those who appreciate privacy and some alone time more, Zlarin’s right side of the coast is ready for you, with wild beaches and coves.


Beach on Tijat island

This bare island with no people living on it will again reconnect your soul with nature and refuel your tanks. Crystal clear sea, which attracts the attention of passing-by passengers, is why Tijašćica cove has every right to call itself ”the heaven on Earth”.

Determining as ”recreation-zone” by the Šibenik-Knin County, this cove gave the permission to build only necessary buildings.

Zlarin beach

Source: dmytrok

Romantic beach on Kaprije island

A small island of Kaprije is still waiting on its turn to become as popular as it deserves. Until then, if you’re looking for some alone time, Kaprije has stretched sandy beaches along its entire coast. Mala Nozdra, Polokve, or Portić beach are picturesque, always sunny beaches. Polokve beach is ideal for enjoying and spending time with your kids, while the Portić rocky beach is a perfect getaway, as it doesn’t offer any tourist attractions.


Dog-friendly beach Srima

Don’t ever again think about what to do with your four-legged best friend while you’re on vacation – take him with you and make some great memories together. One of the dog-friendly beaches is situated in Srima. With parking spot waiting for you, all of these beaches are pebble and rocky. 

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Srima dog-friendly beach near Sibenik

Source: Tourist Board Vodice