Croatia is a beautiful country in Central Europe and located east side of the Adriatic Sea. The country is blessed with a beautiful coastline that leaves so much to be admired.

Sibenik is a historic city in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. It is believed that the inventor of the parachute, Faust Vrancic was born and lived here. The city is famous for the St. Jacobs cathedral which is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

There is so much to do here, so much to see, it is a tourist’s dream come true; home to hundreds of stunning islands, several of which are inhabited. In this article, we will take a look at 5 of the most beautiful islands around the Sibenik area, along the Adriatic Sea. 

islands near sibenik


Zlarin is an island of unquestionable beauty. The locality is fresh and natural; perfect for a romantic getaway or a nice vacation in the summer. The population of Zlarin grows significantly over 500% during the summer periods, people from far and near come to experience nature and the Adriatic Sea at its finest. The beaches are sandy, the vegetation is lush and green, and the air is refreshing, little wonder why tourism thrives here.

Also known as the “Golden Island”, the people here have a rich culture that dates hundreds of years back to harvesting corals and creating jewelry and ornaments out of them. They are believed to be the first coral fishermen on the Adriatic Sea; no wonder the presence of a coral museum and lots of shopping outlets to purchase objects and ornaments made out of coral.

During summer, there are ceremonies held to wish good luck to the sailors who go out into the sea at night to find corals. Dalmatian songs will serenade the air and traditional costumes will be worn; one of the many things tourists love about this place, the culture!

zlarin island


Prvic is located on the Sibenik archipelago. An archipelago is an expanse of water with many scattered islands. Prvic is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and is under the protection of the Croatian Ministry of culture. Like Zlarin, there are no cars allowed on this island. The only car present here is a fire truck.

Prvic is made up of two villages; Luka and Superine. The people of the island were deeply involved in the antifascist movement during the Second World War. This explains the presence of many antifascist monuments on the island.

The island thrives on Agriculture, fishing, and tourism. The Adriatic Sea is rich with fish so the inhabitants take fishing quite seriously. As such, there is no shortage of tasty Mediterranean cuisine on the island. They are also known to make very good wine and good olive oil.

Tourism thrives in Prvic. The only hotel on the island is Hotel Maestral which is located in Luka. However, the locals are very friendly and occasionally rent out their homes to tourists. There are so many beautiful houses built with stones, bars,  restaurants, and the beach is always never crowded.

There are many sports, social and cultural events that are held here in Prvic, one of which is the Festa in Superine held on the 16th of August.

Prvic is the perfect location to escape all the hustle, bustle, and noise of the city.

prvic island


Kaprije is also an island on the Adriatic Sea and it is located on the Sibenik archipelago. It is a very quiet island, the permanent residents numbering just under 200. The people here are predominantly farmers and fishermen. The tourism industry thrives here because people always come around. Cars are not allowed here, making this the perfect location for a break from all the city noise and pollution.

Located on the island is a Catholic church, Saint Peters parish that dates back to the 16th century. The original settlers of this island came from Sibenik in the 16th century to plant and cultivate olives and wine groves owned by noble families.

The island is easily accessible to and from Zirje and Zlarin; other islands close by. There are no hotels here. However, there are private rooms and apartments put on rent by locals.

This is a nice place to get in tune with nature without distractions. Enjoy peace and quiet in this sparsely populated island. Enjoy fresh Dalmatian cuisine, good wine, and fish while grooving to cool music in the evenings, I know you want that.


Zirje is approximately 22 kilometers southwest of Sibenik, making it the farthest in the archipelago. Agriculture in the area focuses on grapes, olives, figs, plums, and cherries. The water around Zirje is rich with fish, making fishing one of the favorite things to do here.

The island is believed to have gotten its name from the fruit of acorn because the entire island was once populated with dense oak forests. There are many coves and reefs as well as other small islands and its indentation.

The skies are clear and blue; the beaches are serene and rocky. The cuisine is lovely and seafood is available, the water is crystal clear. How much natural does it get?

zirje island


Krapanj is one of the smallest, if not the smallest islands in the Adriatic. It is the lowest also in terms of elevation (about 1.5m above sea level).

The island has a rich history of producing wine, olive oil, and deep sea diving mostly for harvesting sea sponges. Going underwater for sponges started here over 300 years ago, it has been the major source of income for many Krapanj families. Deep sea diving ushered in activities like scuba diving, spearfishing, and free diving. The Krapanj monastery museum still exhibits sea sponges to visitors till this day. The monastery holds precious antiquities, one of which is the 16th-century painting of the last supper by Francesco da Santa Croce, an Italian artist.

The locals on this island are hardworking, the streets are narrow and their houses are beautifully decorated with stone. The food is mostly seafood caught by the local fishermen.

There is an annual event held on the 2nd of August called Krapljanska Fešta. The festival usually lasts the whole day with people feasting amazing food and wine.

The natural island life that the Adriatic Sea around Sibenik offers is no doubt one to experience. There is so much food, good wine, music, culture, peace, and serenity that these islands offer is one to live and relive over and over again.

There are other great islands like Obonjan that can be accessed via water taxi from Sibenik.

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