Most beautiful beaches near Sibenik

Srima dog-friendly beach near Sibenik

Just a few minutes away from the heart of the old town, there’s a Banj beach. The view from the beach speaks for itself – relax and enjoy with your family and friends on this popular party beach watching some of the Šibenik’s hottest attractions, St. Jacob’s cathedral and St. Ante’s channel. If you go […]

What to do this weekend?

Autumn is here. The town is calmer but you can still have a great time in Šibenik area. Thursday 26.09. This Thursday you can visit an exhibition of old postcards from Šibenik. It will be held in City library Juraj Šižgorić in Šibenik starting at 6:30 p.m. Friday 27.09. “Dani latinskog idra” are starting at […]

Welcome Autumn!

people party

Even though summer days are slowly drifting away, fun still lives in Šibenik! Friday 20.9. In Šibenik City Museum, starting at 7 p.m., you can attend a free lecture about meditation and higher consciousness. Autumn Bacchanalas is being held this Friday at archeological site Velika Mrdakovica (Vodice). Take a walk through Romanian history with expert guidance and enjoy […]

Famous people of Šibenik


Croatia has given a lot of famous people to the world. Some Croats are well known all around the world. Some of them are legends in their files so only experts know them.  A lot of them lived in the past, but a lot of them is still alive.  It would take me forever to […]

End of summer is full of fun in Šibenik

people having fun at the bar dringking wine

September is passing, tourists are leaving. If you think they will take all the fun with them, you can’t be more wrong. If you think that you will have to walk to the party, you are even more wrong. The best taxi in Šibenik is here for you. Thursday 12.09. Šibenske klapske večeri in the […]

Žirje – the island which still lives with nature

sunset on Žirje island. sea, stone

When a country has more than 1200 islands it’s very hard to know them all. That is why we divided our islands into smaller archipelagos.The three most famous islands in Croatia are Hvar, Vis, and Brač. God knows how many tourists visit those islands every summer.Šibenik has some amazing island in front of it, too. […]

Summer is going away but the fun is still here!

Summer party in Sibenik

Summer is slowly drifting away, but here in Šibenik area party time is still going strong. Thursday 05.09. Dalmatino band starts its show at 9 p.m. in Jezero, the island of Murter.  In Tribunj the locals are saying farewell to summer like it’s an old friend with a goodbye party Adio lito.Come and say goodbye […]

Say goodbye to August on some great event!

pool, party, fun, nightlife

August is slowly taking its boiling tentacles of our skin and gives its place to September. Late summer is our favorite part of the year. Heat leaves but fun in Šibenik doesn’t end. Thursday 29.08. Klapa Sebenico @Šibenik from 9 p.m. takes over the Museum of St. Francis with their mighty voices. Closing first Kanal […]

August is passing but fun has just started!

party, nightlife

Like every weekend Šibenik is full of amazing events. You will, surely, find something you like. Thursday 22.08. Šibenik keeps the tradition alive so tonight you can enjoy the voices of klapa Bunari and klapa Solaris as a part of Šibenske klapske večeri. Hotel Zora in Primošten is where you want to be tonight. From […]

If you want to hide from the crowd Murter is a place for you

Murter island

It is hard to find a city like Šibenik. The beauty of nature around Šibenik can’t be compared to many places. Mighty Krka river holds Šibenik’s back. That is for sure one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. That mesmerizing river is more than enough to attract visitors, but Krka is just one […]