If you think you’ll get bored in Šibenik, think again

nightlife weekend in sibenik

The weekend is approaching. Everybody is thinking about enjoying some event they like. Luckily, Šibenik and towns around it have some great events. Check them out below and remember – we are here to drive you where and when you want. Thursday 27.06. If you don’t know what to do tonight give us a call […]

Where a cliff, sea and the river collide

Imagine a place where the big river enters the sea surrounded by mighty cliffs. The place I am talking about is just like that. On a meet point of three nature’s forces.That might lead you to a false track. If you imagine the place I’m describing as something wild and unreachable, you couldn’t be more […]

What Šibenik has to offer this weekend?

nightlife weekend in sibenik

We are here this week to help you decide where to go this weekend. Also, we are at your disposal if you want to relax and let us take care of your transportation. Shall we see what Šibenik has to offer in the next couple of days? Thursday 20.06. International children festival amazes everybody for […]

Where are the best events this weekend?

Party in Sibenik

Forget the hard week behind you and relax over the weekend. As always, Šibenik has some amazing events. Our city and towns around it have something for everybody’s taste. We’ll present you some of the events, you only have to choose and have a great time. Friday is a party day and Vodice knows that […]

Impregable Saint Nicholas Fortress

Saint Nicholas Fortress

There is something special in the old forts. You may be an architect which melts when he sees how masterfully some old fort has been built. You may be a construction worker who will know how hard was to bring all the material. Maybe you use a camera to earn for living so you will […]

10 Reasons to Visit Kornati National Park with Us

national park kornati tours

Kornati National Park Kornati is also known as the Stormorski islands. It is located in the northern Dalmatian region, west of Sibenik, Croatia. Kornati is not an island but 140 islands of varying sizes. The name Kornati is the plural of one of the islands in this archipelago which happens to be the largest. Kornati […]

Obonjan – the Best Party Island to Visit in 2018

Taxi Obonjan Sibenik

If you have been looking for a holiday spot or a place to spend some fun time, Obonjan might be the place for you. Croatia is a beautiful country blessed with so many islands, most of which are uninhabited. Obonjan is a private island and resorts with an awesome view of the Adriatic Sea, a […]

5 Most Beautiful Islands near Sibenik to Visit in 2018

Sibenik archipelago

Croatia is a beautiful country in Central Europe and located east side of the Adriatic Sea. The country is blessed with a beautiful coastline that leaves so much to be admired. Sibenik is a historic city in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. It is believed that the inventor of the parachute, Faust Vrancic was born […]