Croatia has given a lot of famous people to the world. Some Croats are well known all around the world. Some of them are legends in their files so only experts know them. 

A lot of them lived in the past, but a lot of them is still alive. 

It would take me forever to list them all. That is why I will concentrate only on our city. 

Šibenik gave a lot of people who are well known in the world. Some of them I will list below. You may not know some of the names, that is because they aren’t that famous outside Croatia. Just read what they have accomplished or listen to their music. The language might be unknown to you, but you will surely recognize emotions.

Goran Višnjić

Ladies will surely know who this handsome guy is. He was so handsome that Madonna picked him to be a star of her video spot. The song is – “Power of Goodbye”, thank me later ladies.

From there Goran Višnjić started climbing the leaders of fame. For most people staring in Madonna’s spot would be the achievement of a lifetime. Goran Višnjić is not most of the people. 

Goran Visnjic

Have you ever heard about the TV series “ER“? That is the mother of all medical TV series. 

Mr. Višnjić was one of the stars there. Dr. Luka Kovač was an amazing promotion for, then still newborn,  Croatia. 

The scene where he prays in Croatian is probably the first time Croatian was ever presented like that in the U.S.A. 

Dražen Petrović

Sadly, this legend isn’t among living anymore. That doesn’t make his legacy less valuable.

Dražen Petrović was the guy who changed the game of basketball. 

Drazen Petrovic

Everybody knows who Michael Jordan is. The king of basketball. Everybody would shiver in front of him except one man. One man who had stone, sea and competitive spirit written in his blood. 

To be called a rival of the greatest is amazing, but when you realize what has Dražen done in his short life you must admire him. 

The best player of Eurolige and the multiple champions of Eurolige. 
The best European player of all time.
Two times Olimpic silver medalist.
World champion.
European champion. 

His life tragically ended when he was 29, but his legacy will outlive all of us. 

If you are staying somewhere around Šibenik you should come and see the playground where Dražen’s magick started. Give us a call and we’ll take you there, our drivers will have some amazing stories about Dražen. Your kid maybe gets inspired and decides to become an elite basketball player. Maybe he or she won’t be new Dražen, but Petrović’s story will show them that everything is possible. All you need to do is work hard.

Arsen Dedić

Arsen Dedic

Arsen Dedić maybe isn’t extremely popular outside Balkan. If you treat yourself with listening to some of his music or reading some of his poetry you will realize what makes him so special. You can listen to his music and read his poetry at the same time. He wrote and played music for almost all of his songs. 

Arsen Dedić did so much for Croatia and Šibenik. He is the guy you can thank for “Večeri dalmatinske šansone”.

His accomplishments are numerous, his work is vast. His legacy is unshakeable. 

Don’t try to read everything about Arsen Dedić. Fill a nice glass with red wine, look for a translation of his texts and enjoy. The synergy of his voice, texts, music, and wine will take you another dimension. Trust me, I have been there.

Maksim Mrvica

Maksim Mrvica might be the biggest living piano player in the world. If not, with 2,07 m he is certainly the tallest. 

In Croatia he is popular. In Asia, he is the emperor. 

The first album “The piano player” got so much world’s attention that you probably know how Maksim sounds

Double platinum record in Hong Kong makes him one of few who managed to accomplish that.

Maksim Mrvica

He is still active, still getting better (like it is possible), still playing all around the world. 

But where did he came from? 

Last name Mrvica translated to English means “crumble” and it comes from the island Žirje next to Šibenik. Island is beautiful. When you exit our taxi boat there, knowing that Maksim grew up on such a small island one thing will be clear to you. 

Nothing can determine who will you become if you decide to become great.