It is hard to find a city like Šibenik. The beauty of nature around Šibenik can’t be compared to many places. Mighty Krka river holds Šibenik’s back. That is for sure one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. That mesmerizing river is more than enough to attract visitors, but Krka is just one of Šibenik’s treasures.

The city of Šibenik is magnificent on its own. Made out of stone, full of forts, Šibenik is built to last for thousands of years.

Even that is not everything Šibenik has to offer. In front of it, scattered in the Adriatic sea you can find many islands. One more beautiful than another.

The island which attracts visitors with natural beauty and colorful summer programs is connected to the land with a rising bridge. That makes it approachable with a car, but real pleasure hides in reaching Murter with the boat. That gives unique opportunity to feast your eyes and soul on the beauty that was gifted to Murter.

Island Murter

What Murter has to offer?


Beautiful beaches will keep you cool while the Sun burns everybody under it. You can always find a beach without a crowd so you can relax and enjoy a well-deserved vacation. If you want to take it to the next level, Murter can take care of that too. Islands around it are unpopulated. That means you can be alone on some beach if you manage to reach those islands. Taxi boat is the cheapest and the best solution for that. You can just drive around and chose the beach that suits you. Coming back to land won’t be hard because we are just one call away.

murter sandy beach

Everybody loves a good story. Murter has a rich history which is full of exciting events. We’ll let you discover them on your own. Walking around and speaking to locals is the perfect way of discovering secrets Murter hides. And it hides a lot. People have been living there since ancient history. When the island was first mentioned by Ptolemy from ancient Greece it was called Scardon. If you have read our article about Skradin a little lightbulb just appeared on top of your head. Skradin’s ancient name was Scardona. The similarity in the names might be just a coincidence, but coincidences rarely happen. 

Silleto award for 2018. went to Betina on Murter. That is an award given by European museum forum to museums which work hard to include local people into the preservation of history. 

Betina Museum of wooden shipbuilding was created to show the world a long tradition of shipbuilding. They include locals in their work because nobody can know tradition as good as people who live there for generations. That is a place, definitely worth visiting.

What do people do when the sun goes down?

The Island of Murter might be small in size, but every town on it has amazing summer programs. 

Great number of people from Šibenik, Croatia and the world comes to events on Murter.
Some of the best Croatian musicians perform in one of the small towns every weekend


You can take one night to hop between Tisno, Betina, Jezera, and Murter. Short taxi drive between them will be just enough to share experiences with your family and friends. When you exit the car new unforgettable moments will be waiting for you. Taste fresh sardines and let the wine make a great night even better. 

Dance, smile and enjoy Murter.

Trust us, after just one night there you will realize that even towns with less than 1000 people can organize amazing events. 

Murter is the perfect place for everybody who comes from some big city. Easy going way of life and a reasonable number of people will heal your soul. A day on Murter will give you the power to endure the stress you face at home. That power won’t last forever, so make sure you return to Šibenik and Murter. We’ll be waiting for you, eager to heal you again.