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Sibenik Archipelago

Croatia is a proud owner of natural beauties, landmarks and old cities. Each of the above has its story to tell. One of them is placed on the coast of the Adriatic sea and is often called ”Krešimir’s town”. We are talking, of course, about Šibenik, a small city first mentioned in 1066 by Petar Krešimir 4th.  Like many other cities in this area, Šibenik has every right to say that its biggest fortune, best offer and its characteristic stamp are the sea, the islands and the nature surrounding the city. In other words, its archipelago. Made of Zlarin, Žirje, Prvić, Kaprije, Krapanj, Murter and Kornati islands, chances of not finding a peace of mind in one of those places are equal to zero.

Even though every island is a beautiful compound of beaches, stone houses and their history, the most interesting one is the one with no people on it – Kornati islands. So listen to its story!

Island Zut - National park Kornati

Taxi Boat to Kornati

Although today desolated, Kornati islands were populated back in prehistory. They are the most indented archipelago in the Mediterranean. Made of 89 islands, islets and cliffs, Kornati occupy the surface of a 220km² of which only a quarter is the mainland. The thing you cannot miss while visiting these islands are vertical cliffs, so called ”crowns”, which arose from the cracking of the earth’s crust. Facing the open sea, they’re without a doubt the best ”little” detail you will be able to witness. The tallest ”crown” is 82m above the sea level, located on Klobučar island, while the longest one is 1350m long, located on Mana island.

Because of the originality, unseen beauty and priceless value, it has been declared a national park in 1980.

Because of the popularity of Kornati islands, almost every nearby place has a touristic tour or some kind of similar way to get you there. Whether you like the sky, the sea or the mainland, the view of Kornati is equally fantastic from all the three mentioned. Perhaps the easiest and fastest option is to simply call our taxi boat which can provide you with a full tour around the archipelago.

Vertical cliffs - Taxi boat tour - National park Kornati

Kornati beach

Full of hidden beaches and coves, Kornati islands leave you to decide which one is your favourite. Whether you like sand, gravel or stone, you are on the right way! These islands will give you a little bit of everything. From tourists to yachtsmen and sailors – there is something for everyone.

The most popular beach is located on the southwest part of Levrnak islet and is called Lojena. This beach is so visited that, for those who like privacy and peace, is even better to visit during the spring or autumn.

Lojena beach - Kornati National Park - taxi boat tour from Sibenik
Source: Kornati Excursions

Tour info

Full tour to Kornati National Park includes departure from Šibenik, cruise around the archipelago with stops and breaks for swimming and sightseeing and also an optional stop for lunch, not included in the price. Finally, the price for this tour is 550€ for 1-4 people, 620€ for 4-6 people and 700€ for 6-8 people. For any additional information, you can contact us through our website or phone number. Don’t miss your chance to visit Kornati National Park, the best that nature has to offer!