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If you have been looking for a holiday spot or a place to spend some fun time, Obonjan might be the place for you.

Croatia is a beautiful country blessed with so many islands, most of which are uninhabited. Obonjan is a private island and resorts with an awesome view of the Adriatic Sea, a few minute’s ride from the historic city of Sibenik, Croatia. 

The island was built by boy scouts years ago and had been inhabited by one man alone and his dog. The man can still be seen on the island, he is the superintendent of the resort. A few years ago, it was not until a few years ago that work on the island began to give it this new life it has now. The natural environment is still intact; there are so many coves and plenty of trees around.

Obonjan is for the party lovers, the thrill-seekers, those in search of an amazing island experience as well as for those seeking peace, quiet, tranquility, and oneness with nature.

Obonjan is the perfect blend of music, fun, well-being, and yoga. There are performances from awesome bands from all over the globe and talented DJs to provide good music at all times. 

Activities at Obonjan


The Accommodation

All accommodations are located in the woods but are very safe and comfortable. The island’s accommodation comes in two variants; forest lodges and bell tents. The bell tents are the cheaper options. With this option, you have wifi, air conditioning, towels, and shower facilities. The beds are either single or double.

The second variant is the forest lodge. They fuse comfort into nature by constructing these lodges amidst the island’s pine cone trees. You wake up and it’s the Adriatic Sea at your doorstep. The occupants of this variant have access to USB charging points and plugs, air conditioning, terrace, fridge, hairdryer among other things.

obonjan - forest lodge

The Pool

The pool is located at the highest point of the island. It has all the looks of a modern pool in a 4-5 star hotel but it is a saltwater pool. Cocktails, wines, and drinks can be accessed here for constant refreshment at the poolside. 

obonjan - the pool


The resort offers a lot of water sports for your fun and wellbeing. The water sports that can be carried out here are kayaking, jet skiing, etc. the east harbor is where it all goes down; private boats can be booked here e.g. taxi bus Sibenik to other islands around or for trips back to the mainland.


There are several yoga classes daily starting early in the morning. So many guests on the island really just come here for the food or the yoga. The yoga teachers are professionals and the environment is serene and perfect. 

yoga on obonjan


A spa is a place where spring water rich in minerals (and sometimes seawater) is used to give healing baths. There are a variety of spa treatments on the island ranging from body massages to facials.


The food is excellent. Enjoy fresh Dalmatian cuisine, good wine, seafood, and other dishes offered by the kitchen while grooving to cool music in the evenings.

seafood on obonjan


Obonjan is a magical getaway that will make you consider staying over for an extended time. Experiences can be personalized to fit everybody’s imagination.

The island of Obonjan is a place for a perfect escape from reality! It is never too late to experience natural beauty!

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