If you come to Šibenik that visit will be in your mind forever. The city is magical, it puts a spell on visitors with its stone forts and buildings, but the area behind the city hides some amazing natural beauties. We have already told you something about the lovely town guarding the entrance to the mighty river. Now, we will tell you more about the place whose beauty bought it a place among national parks in Croatia. 

You can’t find a solution for unbearable heat?

Imagine yourself in a city made from white stone. Sun is burning everything and even the sea can’t help you cool down. In most of the cities, people have no other solution for heat except the sea. Sea is our treasure, but when air is around 40°C and the sea is over 20°C it isn’t very refreshing. Luckily for visitors of Krešimir’s city, they aren’t in a regular city. Šibenik has an ace behind its back. Natural oasis provides safety from heat. Call us and our luxurious taxi boat will be there soon. Tell our experienced driver that you would give anything for refreshment and you will be on your way to Skradin.

National Park Krka - Waterfalls
Cool down in Krka

How to reach NP Krka?

Ride in our boat is amazing, but it is just the beginning of a great day. Boats are not allowed into the national park. We are happy with that because we know how important is to protect life there. From our new boat, you will move to Krka’s wooden boat that will take you on one of the best rides in your life. Enjoy smells that will hit your nose, take photos of swans and other birds, breath fresh river air. While you are on that boat, you’ll wish that ride never ends. 

Visovac - National park Krka

Once when you set your foot on the land of NP Krka you will realize that ride there was just a small piece of art nature has prepared for you. Mighty karst river shaped a lot of lakes and waterfalls. The national park is 109 km² big and 25,6 km² is under crystal clear water. It took Krka thousands of years to dig magnificent 75 km long canyon. While doing that it has created lakes and waterfalls. You can swim in large lakes, we highly recommend it if you want to cool down. You can be sure that water is clear because it comes from the underground, It is very cold and it might surprise you if you have never swum in a river. NP Krka will become your favorite place to hide from the heat, but it is much more than that. It is on a list of highest protected areas in Croatia since 1985 for a reason. 

What makes Krka so special?

Everybody in the world knows for Niagara falls and their hydropower plant, but not so many people know that the second oldest hydropower plant in the world is on the Krka river. The power plant is placed under 45,7 m tall Skradinski Buk waterfall. Skradinski Buk might be big but it isn’t the biggest in the park. Waterfall Manojlovac is the tallest with impressive 60m drop.

This park is full of big waterfalls, but it also has a lot of small lakes and falls. Walking on the carefully placed wooden paths will take you to many places you can find only in fairytales, and in NP Krka. Plants will protect you from the Sun and birds will sing you on the best walk you will ever have. Remember that NP is under the strict protection so you will have to control your wish to pick some nice plant you see. Same goes for animals, too. You can get fined if you do any harm to nature, but you will also be very surprised with the defensive skills of animals you find there. Swan maybe looks like a nice bird, but it can get really angry. Sadly, I know from experience. You have to keep in mind that they are wild animals. They don’t want to be disturbed, just admire them from a safe distance. 

canyon of the river Krka
Krka canyon

NP Krka can be explored in an hour or two, but that would be just a superficial exploring. Take one whole day to enjoy one of the most beautiful karst ecosystems in the world. Restaurant in the park has pretty good food and we are sure you will be thrilled by it after hours of walking or swimming. 

walking trail - NP Krka
Nature at its best

You don’t have to worry about transportation back home. The same wooden boat will take you back to Skradin where our taxi boat will be waiting for you. If you don’t want to return to Šibenik on the boat just give us a call and one of our cars will pick you up. 

The ride home will be so pleasant that you will probably fall asleep and return to the NP Krka in your dreams.