Šibenik is blessed with the extraordinary surrounding area. Nature around Šibenik is amazing. National parks Krka and Kornati will satisfy every nature lover, but is there more around Šibenik than nature? 
Nothing can be compared to nature and its master-pieces, yet some cities and towns deserve all the admiration they are getting. One town that stands out is Vodice. 
Vodice “has been on the map” since Roman time. Back then this town was named Araus, present name – Vodice roughly translated to English means Small Water (voda is Croatian for water). The name wasn’t given by accident, this Dalmatian town and area around it are very rich with fresh water. Let’s hope they will know how to preserve that treasure like they knew how to become a touristic attraction. As one of the most multifarious towns on the Croatian coast, Vodice will surely find a way to everybody’s hearth.

What to visit in Vodice?

Vodice are one of the Croatian towns in which you simply can’t be bored. So many things to do and see are all around the town will make you prolonge your stay there. 
The annual Mass in the church of St. Elias the prophet will be held on 20th of August. This small and simple church from the 13th century isn’t some unique architectural miracle, but it has strong energy which will strengthen every spiritual person who visits it.

Another church lures visitors, but not with energy. At least not with the same kind of energy as the church of St. Elias. The church of St. Cross is special because of its interior, but people of Vodice found a way to make it even better. During summer months this church opens its doors to many exhibitions. If you are the modern art lover church of St. Cross is the place for you.

sv. ilija, crkva, church

A movie theater is a place for everybody and that is why many towns in Dalmatia traditionally have an outdoor cinema. Many towns may have cinemas under the sky full of stars, but Vodice put their cinema on the place so nice it steals attention from movies. Čorić’s tower is one of the most famous buildings in the town. Stone for it was brought from Brač island and tower had to be surrounded by walls because the 17th century wasn’t peaceful in Vodice. Don’t miss a chance to watch movies in one of the most beautiful cinemas in the universe. 

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Vodice offer so much more, but we’ll let you discover other amazing parts of the town on your own. Just give us a call and moments after you will be in the best taxi in Croatia, on your way to one of Croatia’s best towns.

Where to eat in Vodice?

In the town that got its name after freshwater, you can find some delicious seafood. If you are staying in Šibenik and want to try some great fish or clams call us, the distance between Vodice and Šibenik is less than 12 km. In a blink of an eye, you can sit in one of the fish restaurants. Some of the best are Arausa and Rico. Maybe you love Dalmatian style, but you wouldn’t mind eating something else instead of fish. We suggest you to visit one of the taverns (konoba). Their traditional food will take care of your taste bulbs and their Dalmatian decorations will steal your attention. Try Konoba Roki or Konoba Cesarica.  

Vodička fešta – the biggest party of the year

Party in Vodice

In the USA they celebrate the 4th of July. In Vodice whole town, whole Dalmatia and who knows how many tourists, celebrate 4th of August. That date is reserved for one of the best traditional parties – Vodička fešta. Vodice town is famous for its night-life, but it can’t compare to one of the biggest celebrations in the whole Croatia. Trust us, you want to be there. You want to relax, dance, sing, eat and drink. Vodička fešta will fulfill all of your desires. We will take care of transportation, just ring us.


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